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Language Arts

Technical writing, creative writing, grammar, spelling, word lists, and much more in our database of language arts teaching ideas

Elementary school children's literature lesson plans and classroom activities
Listening Skills - classroom activities and other resources to help teach students to listen
Creative writing, technical writing, and poetry lesson plans for students at various grade levels

Long Vowel Sounds, Short Vowel Sounds - a lesson plan to help students distinguish and recognize the two. Creating a book of vowels
Practicing parts of speech - adjectives, adverbs, nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc, with madlib game.
The Related Word Hunt is a word puzzle which is a cross between a Word Search Puzzle and a Crossword Puzzle.
Using word lists in elementary classrooms; lesson plans involving word recognition, riddles, the alphabet, counting, definitions and classification
Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.

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This is perhaps one of the broadest areas of study, encompassing spelling, vocabulary, reading, poetry, listening skills, technical writing, and many other subject areas as well. The language arts curriculum also overlaps with many other areas of study, as students must often write research papers for history classes, math and science classes, and in so doing put to use what they have learned in the language arts classroom. The articles in this section of Articles For Educators will provide some help in preparing interesting lesson plans, whether you are a teacher in the elementary or secondary level. If you would like to share your ideas about effective ways to teach a topic in the area of Language Arts, please log into your member account and follow the links to submit a new article.

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