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Mathematical concepts made easy with great lesson plan ideas for your classroom. From basic number games to advanced concepts, it's all in here.

Discussions on the importance of math contests and competitions in a student's education
Mathematics teachers and methods for teaching division. Includes principles, theory, and algorithms.
Fun games you can play with numbers. These games teach problem solving, arithmetic skills, and explore interesting number theory properties
Geometry lesson plans and classroom activities. Articles and teacher ideas on constructions, proofs, axioms, and anything else related to geometry.
Number theory lesson plans, explanations, and classroom activities. Divisibility rules, prime numbers, bases, modulus, and other number theory topics
Probability lesson plans and classroom activities. Find ways to teach interesting and important concepts in probability.
Sequences and series lesson plans for math teachers. Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series teaching ideas.

10 Ways To Get Wild About Math: Helpful suggestions to get yourself and others excited about mathematics
Building A Strong Math Foundation For Kids - 11 Ways to help students succeed in mathematics
Direct variation and inverse variation can be taught using the familiar 'cat and mouse' brainteaser.
A linear coordinate geometry math problem that can be solved in at least four different ways
A discovery based lesson in which students will use a graphing calculator to explore how the equation of an ellipse relates to its graph
Different kinds of people learn math differently. Kinesthetic learners need a different style of teaching
Units cancellation technique for solving word problems - math problems in which two or more people work together to accomplish a task.
Solving Algebra Word Problems - steps and examples for solving word problems in Algebra
Mathematics Anxiety: Feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems
Promote problem solving skills with challenging math problems that encourage gifted math students to go beyond the standard math curriculum.
Trigonometry and Anatomy have an etymological connection. This math lesson plan shows the strange word development of 'sine'.
Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.

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Mathematics is one of those very challenging areas of study which builds one lesson upon another in such a way that a student who doesn't understand one lesson is highly unlikely to understand the next lesson. For this reason, clear, precise, and straightforward explanations of mathematical concepts is critical. The teacher who cannot explain not just what the student is doing but also why is setting the students up for future failure. In this directory you will find a variety of resources which will help you prepare to teach your lessons in an interesting, resourceful, and - above all else - clear and accurate manner. If you have a teaching tip in any area of mathematics which you would like to share, please log into the site using your free membership, and follow the links to submit a new article.

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