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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities - articles and lesson plans to help educators teach students with special needs and learning disabilities

Seizure Disorders: Information on types of seizure disorders, and what to do if a student in your classroom has a seizure.
How Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Diagnosed?
Students with schizophrenia - teaching students with schizophrenia, and understanding the needs of students with this mental disorder
Learning disabilities, early development of the brain, genetic studies, and neurobiofeedback research
POWERS writing process is a structured instructional method including: pre-writing, organize, write, edit, revise, and share.
Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.

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Learning disabilities is one of the fastest growing student populations at all levels of education. Learning disabilities encompasses a very wide range of disabling conditions, syndromes, and specific learning disabilities. The first step, in knowing how to serve these students at any level of education, is to understand these students and their conditions. This directory should include articles defining learning disabilities, conditions, and syndromes; as well as, provide specific lesson plans and learning and teaching strategies. directory description written by Marcus Simmons

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Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.
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