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Geometry lesson plans and classroom activities. Articles and teacher ideas on constructions, proofs, axioms, and anything else related to geometry.

Geometric Axioms (Postulates) vs Theorems: This simple classroom discussion exercise covers everything from religion to Non-Euclidean Geometry!
Promote grouping and organizing skills. Children work together to verbalize and classify
Two very different way of looking at transversals - comparing them to goal posts and continents
Trisecting an angle is impossible with a straight-edge and compass, but a special tool called a 'tomahawk' makes this construction possible.
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Geometry students learn not just about circles, squares, solids, lines and points, but also logic, rational thinking, axioms and theorems. Students who are able to follow a progression of logical statements, reasoning from specifics to generalized statements, are able to take this process into many other areas of life. If you have a geometry lesson plan or activity you would like to share, login to your free membership account and follow the links to submit an article.

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Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.
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