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Discussions on the importance of math contests and competitions in a student's education

Any student can benefit from the competitive, timed nature of many math competitions, which help students prepare for SATs and achievement tests.
Math teams and mathematics contests encourage problem solving, determination, and team work, helping students do better scholastically.
How math competitions foster greater peer learning environments and stronger educational cultures.
Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.

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Students who get involved in mathematics competitions often have an 'edge' over classmates who do not. Competitions encourage students to put in extra time studying, preparing, and solving problems. Students also may learn to work together in solving problems and working toward a goal. Also, students involved in a competition together have an incentive to teach one another and explain problems to teammates. If you have ideas you would like to share about students involved in competition, login to your free membership account and follow the links to submit an article.

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Write up a lesson plan, or just a paragraph or two about your favorite teaching trick.
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