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Pumpkin Pi - Fun Math Classroom Poster

There are plenty of pictures of pumpkins that have had the pi symbol carved into them; this one is special, because if you turn the poster upside-down, it's got a quirky little grin, and the stem is like a goatee.

In my classroom, the poster stays right-side-up for about half of the year, and then someone (sometimes it's me, some years it's a student) flips it upside-down so we see the face instead of the pi symbol.

The version of the poster in my classroom doesn't have the text "Pumpkin Pi" and "Makes Me Happy." Honestly, I think I like it better without, because you have the fun of seeing kids (sometimes long into the school year!) realize that it's a pictorial pun.

If you don't want the text, just trim it off after printing!

To download a high-resolution copy of this image to print and hang in your own classroom, click here:

High Resolution Pumpkin Pi Poster

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