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Advertising an Educational Product

Here at Articles For Educators, we have several published authors who have posted articles on the site as a way of promoting their books. We welcome and encourage this, provided the article posted is not simply an advertisement for your product. Such articles will be deleted, and will not be visible to the public.

Your posting must be a carefully crafted article which provides valuable information for educators. This must be an article which contains valuable content regardless of whether the reader has purchased your product. Then, in your user bio, put a link to your web page, or write a brief description of the product.

In essence, your writing is your advertisement. If you write a shoddy, useless article it will not inspire anyone to follow the link to your product. If, on the other hand, you write an article which provides valuable information, the visitors to your article will think to themselves, "This person really knows the subject matter; maybe I'll buy the book/product!"

If your product is available through, you can post a link to the product at the bottom of your article and/or in your author bio, as follows: [amz=productASIN#]ProductName[/amz].

If you have trouble formatting the Amazon link, please contact the site Editor, who will be glad to help you with formatting your product link. Also, if you notify the editor of your product, the product will be reviewed, and may be added to the site's list of recommended products.

Posting Book Excerpts

Yes, this is permitted. However, you must post a section which contains a full and complete idea, and will be valuable by itself without additional material from the book. Another way of saying this: Don't post "cliffhangers".

If you post a book excerpt, please post the copyright information at the bottom of the excerpt; not in your profile. Please also add a "used by permission" statement.

Advertising A Museum, Art Gallery, or Living History Site

We offer a little more "flexibility" when dealing with museums, art galleries, living history sites, and other field trip "destinations". However, Articles For Educators will not accept articles which simply "advertise" the site; your article must clearly state the educational value of the site, in addition to suggestions for how the site could be used by educators. The very best articles are ones written by teachers who have taken their class to your site. Consider contacting such a teacher and asking them to write a report on their trip and submit it here.

If you are ready to begin posting an article, please click here: Submit an Article.

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